Bucks County Dragon Boat Festival 2016

SEPTEMBER 23, 2023


Congratulations on being the captain of your dragon boat crew!

Here is a short list of duties and expectations of a team captain:

  • Represent your team through pre-event communications and during the event
  • Share ALL information provided to you with your team members so that they are fully informed
  • Arrange for payment of your team’s registration fee
  • Prepare the team roster and manage your paddlers’ online waivers
  • Attend Team Check In on race day
  • Attend the Team Captains’ meeting on race day
  • Relay all pertinent updates to your team on race day (i.e. schedule changes and race progression)
  • Ensure that your team members know when and where to be throughout the day
  • Assist the festival staff by ensuring that your team is following the rules (i.e. no alcohol consumption)